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Welcome to Jumbars!

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Jumbars is a local breakfast, lunch eatery, and bakery. We offer delicious hand-crafted meals and baked goods. To begin with, Jumbars was established in November 2003 by Chef Paul Hoffert and his wife Mary. Chef Paul graduated from the New England Culinary Institute in 1988. Afterwards, he continued to live and work in Montepelier, Vermont until 1996. Later, they moved back home to the Lehigh Valley. At this time, they opened the café to provide a venue for fresh, hand-crafted cuisine, good conversation, and a sense of community. But even after Mary’s passing in 2008, the Hoffert family continues the Jumbars legacy by providing first class food and atmosphere.

So, Why the Name?

Jumbars takes its name from Mary’s great grandmother, Anna Jumbar. Anna came to the United States in 1876. When she arrived, she was alone and in her teens. At this time, she settled in Lansford, PA. However, she was unable to find work. Consequently, she had to convince the coal company to let her live in a box car that was broken beyond repair. She installed a coal stove and set up long tables to feed the coal miners. Later on, she met her husband, Stephen. As a result of the challenges they endured, they began helping other immigrants in the area find housing and employment.

Our Policies

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We do not take reservations or call aheads. Parties are seated on a first come, first served basis. Generally, the average wait time for a table on a Saturday or Sunday is 10-30 minutes for smaller parties of 2-4 people.

Take out is available Tuesday through Saturday only.

Groups larger than six will be seated at separate tables. However, due to the size of our kitchen and dining room we cannot accommodate parties larger than six at one table. Instead, we would be happy to seat you in smaller groups.

18% gratuity may be added to your check for parties larger than six.

We are proud to serve fine crafted food made with ingredients from local vendors whenever possible. To this end, everything from desserts to breads, is prepared from scratch by Chef/Owner, Paul Hoffert. Additionally, we’ve created a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Consequently, you can sit back and enjoy conversation, the daily papers made available to our diners, or a good book. Likewise, enjoying one of our signature homemade baked goods is also a welcome indulgence while you wait for your meal!

Because the Chef makes everything to order, wait times can span up to 30 minutes after placing the order. As a result, we encourage our patrons to relax, enjoy the atmosphere, and catch up over a baked good. However, the delicious homemade food is worth the wait! So, if you are in a time crunch, it may be best to save a Jumbars trip for another day so you can fully savor the experience. Of course, we are the best options for cafe near me. Lastly, we have cafe espresso and cafe latte.

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You can find Jumbars on the corner of E Greenwich St and Chelsea Ave in Bethlehem, PA. In fact, we are not far from Moravian College. So, we hope to see you there!

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